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Winter's coming up! Awesome way to stay warm!
A Fashion blogazine by trixyxchange

Hand Made Arm/Leg Wear! Great for Layering!

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Trixy Xchange : Extra...
Winter's coming up...and I LOVE layering my clothing.  I started making arm warmers to keep my arms warm during the winter months so that I could wear my short sleeve shirts with them.  Then it turned into a whole line of a lot of different designs and options.

Arm Warmers are great for:
-Keeping you warm layered or paired with any style shirt!
-Being used as long footless socks! Look great with heels and layered with tights!
-Doubling as leg warmers for your little ones
-Typing in cold places - especially at work!
-Working with your hands outside
-Carpal tunnel

I also carry a lot of leg warmers/leg wear/gloves/clothing as well.  If you like to stay warm with a bit of style, check out my hand made designs at!

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