If you’re getting prepared for a few (harmless) jokes to play on friends or coworkers on April 1, try these out:

  1. Strategically place fake insects on a coworker’s desk. Bonus points if they find them after April 1.
  2. Place googly eyes on everything in the work fridge.
  3. Pick your favorite coworker and wrap all of their desk items with aluminum foil. We are finding our inner Dwight and Jim on this one.
  4. Introduce your friends to dehydrated water.
  5. The classic: whoopee cushion. Isn’t April Fools’ unless this guy comes out.
  6. Give out free gum to coworkers (with a bug!).
  7. Offer a friend a light that gives them another surprise!

What jokes do you have planned for April 1? Comment below.

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