3-Tier Collapsible Oven Rack ($15.99)

When there just isn’t enough room, this guy comes in handy. Fit more casseroles in the oven while baking the turkey.

Fat Separator with Strainer ($24.95)

We have the best interest of your gravy in mind with this tool. Easily separate fat from juice. Comes with a strainer to make life a little easier.

Herb Grinder ($10.99)

If you use fresh herbs to make your recipes extra tasty, a herb grinder will be a welcome addition to your kitchen all year round.

Portable Kitchen Timer ($11.99)

Catch some of the game or the big parade without worrying about not hearing the kitchen timer. This guy is portable so you can carry it with you around the house.

Potato Ricer ($16.08)

The best mashed potatoes we’ve ever had involved a potato ricer. This tool helps eliminate lumps in potatoes, making them light and fluffy.

Glaze Pastry Brush ($12.99)

Glazing can get messy and your kitchen doesn’t need that extra craziness. We love how easy this brush is to use for egg or sugar washes.

Electric Knife ($18)

Because sometimes you just want to eat turkey and not spent 10 minutes cutting pieces by hand.

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