Sometimes the fur child needs new gifts for being just so darn cute. These are some of the best dog products you gotta try:

Link Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracking $113
If your best buddy is known to wonder off, this collar will save you a lot of heartache in helping you find your dog quickly.

Three-Way Blinking Safety Light $6
Hook this light to your dog’s collar for safety when walking in the evening or early morning hours.

Pet Grooming Gloves $10
Massage your furry friend while removing loose pet hair. A win-win for both!

Waterpik Dog Wand Shower Attachment $30
Easily connects to your shower and makes bath time a little easier!

Automatic Pet Feeder $187
Because dinner time is the most important time! If you’re running late from work, Fido will still get his meal on time.

Pet Paw Protection $13
Comes in use for all extreme seasons. Protect your pet’s paws from hot pavement to icy sidewalks.

What pet products do you love? Comment below!

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