Take a little time for yourself this year and treat yourself. We have a few tips to take a few “me” minutes from free to splurge-worthy.


Bath time: It’s a simple thought but taking a bath really has health benefits like improving circulation and calming the nervous system. This is our favorite bath bomb (and it’s less than $4).

Rewatch your favorite movie or TV show: It can be the one movie you’ve seen 287x or a TV show you haven’t watched in a while. We all have those favorites and there’s no judgement in rewatching as many times as necessary. Looking for a movie to rent? Checkout these finds that are $3 or less.

Plan a trip: Planning doesn’t cost anything and we support a little dream time. Look into a small road trip and a big trip. Take time to dive into the best places to visit, where to stay, what to do, etc. AirBnB has a tool to help you start planning, see it here.


Release tension: Use heating pads and massagers to give your muscles a breather. From work to the stress of live, your muscles and body needs a break. We like this Hot and Cold Therapy Kit for $15.

Skin care: Take a little longer today to invest time into your skin care. A mask, proper hydration, and cleaning can go a long way to seeing benefits for the future. If you haven’t tried the Indian Healing Clay that’s all over Amazon, give it a try for $11.


Wine and chocolate: Both of these are known for the health benefits (in moderation of course). Sometimes all you need is a nice glass of wine with a little chocolate to wrap up the day. See our pick here.

Take a Yoga break: If you haven’t tried Yoga before or you’re a returning Yogi, easily see classes available in your area through ClassPass. For even better relaxation, try a stretching class.


Book a vacation: From planning to executing, go for it and book a trip! Southwest Airlines offer package booking deals to make it easier.
Or start with where to stay first and then find your destination. AirBnB lists verified places to stay across the world.

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